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“The White Lotus Day” – in Remembrance of a Fearless Warrior of Light, HPB

By Luphil

The 8th of May we celebrate “The White Lotus Day”, in loving remembrance of the departure of the great soul that we know as HPB or Madam Blavatsky.

She was a fearless fighter for the Truth; she started her book “Gems from the East” (London 1890) with the words:

“UTTISHAT! Arise! Awake!
Seek the great Teachers, and attend! The road
Is narrow as a knife-edge! Hard to tread!”
“But whoso once perceiveth HIM that IS -
Without a name, Unseen, Impalpable,
Bodiless, Undiminished, Unenlarged,
To senses undeclared, without an end,
Without beginning, Timeless, Higher than height,
Deeper than depth! Lo! Such an one is saved!
Death hath not power upon him!”

- THE SECRET OF DEATH (from The Katha Upanishad)

In the book “The Golden Stairs”, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar describes HPB with the following words:

“Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is as tender as a freshly unfolded white lotus. The tenderness of her being cannot be expressed in any language. In her case incompatibles have become compatibles. She is as fiery as she is tender. Her being is essentially and naturally tender and extremely motherly. But at work she is an embodiment of fiery Will. She was the chosen darling of the Hierarchy to inaugurate an era of enlightenment. She did her job ruthlessly, dedicating her life to the noble work of the Hierarchy. She has broken many distorted and crystallized concepts of TRUTH. She synthesized the universal wisdom; she presented afresh Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis, which are the world scriptures for posterity. She explained dexterously the story of man on earth. Through the key of Manvantara cycles and races she reintroduced the most ancient wisdom relating to globe chains, the seven rays and their universal application. She skilfully utilised the keys of astrology, etymology and cycles of time to unlock wisdom from the most ancient manuscripts of cave temples that exist in the Himalayas. She was as much in the subtle as she was on the physical and was therefore able to grasp the truth in its variety of dimensions. She was a fully inspired lady who inspired many through looks, through speeches and through mere presence. She was even seen as a reincarnation of Buddha in places like Sri Lanka.

She is regarded as the white lotus that unfolds afresh the beauty and fragrance of new age wisdom. She is respected as Upasika, the one who is in connection with the ruling light of the planet, which is said to be mysteriously posited in the subterranean regions of Gobi desert of Mongolia.

Inspired by her teachings ever since, thousands of groups sprang up in all the four corners of the globe, trying to find the way afresh with the help of knowledge that she unfolded for the forward march of the present humanity.”

HPB was the first one who not only brought the existence of the Masters of Wisdom, the Mahatmans, to a larger global notice but who also had frequent contact with them. It was part of the divine plan to bring back the eternal wisdom to a larger understanding and to uplift human consciousness – a most difficult task.
On the Theosophical Society Wiki you find a page about “People who encountered the Mahatmas“�, a very impressive collection of reports of encounters in the subtle and the physical realms with the Masters, also about HBP. And the Blavatsky Archives also contain a “Casebook of the Encounters with the Theosophical Mahatmas”.

In spite of the many proofs and great evidence there were many sceptics who refused to accept what was before their eyes and even massive attacks from various sides. However, the Path which was opened by the work of Madam Blavatsky has led many serious seekers to strive along the “Golden Stairs” to the temple of divine wisdom.


HPB and her mother, Helena Andreyevna Hahn, (born de Fadeyev), painting from the museum in Dnepropetrovsk
Who would have guessed that this delicate young girl would be a fearless messenger of the new age, a tiny rivulet unfolding to a huge stream?

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