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The Weekend

By Myparadissi @myparadissi

The Weekend

Aren't these marble memos the prettiest way to keep notes?

Such a lovely skirt.

This super chunky super sweet knit scarf.

Indoor plant goals.

The perfect amount of masculine vibe in this dining room.

A unicorn body butter? Yes, bring on the miracles, please!

These Adidas ads (and shoes for that matter) are rad.

What if you built a house entirely based on ideas you found on Pinterest? Diane Keaton (yes, the famous actress) just did and it's really interesting.

The holiday season is right upon us so my annual mega Etsy gift guide board is happening right now. I will be uploading new gift ideas regularly from now on so feel free to bookmark/follow if you like to shop unique handmade presents for your loved ones.

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