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By Myparadissi @myparadissi
Photo by Prue Ruscoe for Inside Out
The Weekend ● Some really great ideas for diy lighting for the home.
● These Paris postcards will make a gorgeous gallery wall.
● Can you guess the original paintings behind these pixelated lego reproductions?
● These bed linens look so perfectly rustic.
● Learn the basics on how to set a table in this short video tutorial.
● Always eager to read about successful people's habits.
● Now it's a good time to revamp those fuzzy sweaters.
● This song made me travel. ● Tired wrists from typing? Here's a cute solution. ● Impressive retreat in the Moroccan mountains.
The Weekend Last week: Sag Harbor cottage by Ash NYC. Last week: Inspired by this neo rustic bathroom. Back on 2013: Decorate a living room with home office. Back on 2012: Digging these brick wall interiors.
Happy weekend, friends!
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