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The Waters of the Afterlife Are Filled with Man-Killing Fish

By Jennyphresh @feralpony
I recently had a conversation with Littlest Son, now age 6. Somehow we got on to speaking of the meaning of life, and where he might have been before he graced us with his presence on the planet.
Mom: Where were you before you got here?
Son: In the Before Place. It's just grass. Grass and lots of darkness, and people talking in the darkness.
Mom: Babies about to be born—they're the ones who are talking?
Son: No, there are no ages in the Before Place. Well, actually, everyone is five years old.
Mom: What about life after you die—do you think there is an afterlife? What's it like there?
Son: How would I know?! I am not dead yet!
Mom: But what do you think it might be like there?
Son: Oh, it is all trees and grass and flowers! Everything is very beautiful. And peaceful. Half of the world is grass and trees, and the other half of the world is water. The water is blue. It's all beautiful!
Mom: And?
Son: And the part of the world that is water is totally filled with sharks.
The Waters of the Afterlife Are Filled with Man-Killing Fish
Mom: Sharks?
Son: Oh yeah, sharks.
Mom: So, in the afterlife, you can't even swim because the water is completely shark-infested?
Son: Yes, but this is only including those sharks who have died. Not all sharks.
Mom: So, a reduced number of sharks?
Son: Yes.
Mom: What about the bunnies? Aren't there any bunnies in the afterlife? Butterflies? Nice things like that?
Son: Nope, only sharks!
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