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The Washington Post Journalists Charmed by the Beauties of Romania

By Poundtravel
The Washington Post journalists charmed by the beauties of Romania

beauties of Romania

The prestigious “The Washington Post” praises a county in Romania, and American journalists are impressed with the beauty and authenticity of the places, but also with the hospitality they received.

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The Seven Natural Wonders of Romania are the seven natural wonders of Romania, which were chosen in the Seven Natural Wonders of Romania contest held in July, 2008. It was the second stage of the Seven Wonders of Romania program started in 2007. The voting consisted of two parts: experts in Romania voted for …

In an article published in early March entitled “Rapsodia Romanian – exploring an unspoken destination in Eastern Europe” , journalists “The Washington Post” describe the four-day trip made in Valcea County as charming and not at all expensive.    American journalists began their journey in the Cozia National Park and visited the monasteries on the Olt Valley, enjoyed hiking on the mountain paths, where they saw wild animals and looked at the “bright valley of the Olt Mountain” from above.    “In a beautiful, sunny morning, we head on a rocky road to the dense forests of the Cozia National Park. After 20 minutes, we pass the last curve of the road. A hidden valley is in front of us. A small church rises above the steep and wooded hills, and the soil is still covered with dew. Get down from our vehicle and down the spiral road to the church. As we approach the chapel, admiring the delicate timber and the perfect geometry of its hexagonal central tower, an old church guard, dressed in black vests and a white beard, went out into the deserted courtyard. He greeted us with joy, urging us to take part in the job to begin, “journalists start reporting and then describe the religious rituals.

American journalists mention that they have visited Romania in the aftermath of the Ceausescu regime and have come back with the thought that they have many more things and places to discover. The journalists also visited Curtea de Arges, then continued their journey on the already famous Transfăgărăşan to the historic monument Poenari Fortress, from Arges County, reminding Vlad Tepes.    The journalists also admired the Olt Valley and also enjoyed the Romanian food. They ate soup, and then continued their journey to make hikes all day on the mountain paths.    “As we gained height, before us, the brilliant horizons of the Olt were opened and we stopped several times to admire the silver ribbon of the river shining beneath us in the distance. Near by noon we reached the top of Cozia Mountain, where we stopped on Cozia’s terrace for a picnic, surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Several local shepherds joined for a beer, eager to practice wicked English, acquired over the years in Western Europe, and let us exercise ourselves, too, “writes American journalists.    They then visited Turnu and Cozia Monasteries, enchanted by “architectural uniqueness.”    “Our four-day trip to Romania has revealed a charming, peaceful and varied landscape with memorable cultural notes, spirituality and natural beauty at every step. It also exceeded our expectations in other respects, that of low prices, and when we headed home, the vampires were the last thing we thought about, “concluded US journalists.

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