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The UK is in the Process of Approving Same Sex Marriage.

Posted on the 07 February 2013 by Doggone

And while the support strongly outweighs the opposition.........the Church of England is in opposition, as predictably is the Roman Catholic church.  It has been an interesting exercise in politics and legislation, given that the push for this change is coming from Prime Minister Cameron, a conservative, and that the majority of opposition is from within his own party.  As with the conservatives in the U.S., conservatives are seeking to broaden their base and their least, Cameron is.
It is worth noting that there are already 14 other countries which allow same sex marriage. The UK will be the 15th, unless France beats them to that distinction.  The same sex marriage legislation is expected to pass the next phase of legislation easily.
It is worth noting that in addition to the UK and France, these other nations have pending or in process legislation to recognize same sex marriage: Andorra, Colombia, Finland, Luxembourg, Nepal, New Zealand, Scotland, Taiwan, Uruguay as well as in as well as in the legislatures parts of Australia, Mexico and states within the United States. There seems a clear direction for the direction that is trending on same sex marriage, and that conservative opposition is once again on the 'wrong side of history' regarding such changes.
In the interim, I found this image wryly appropriate:
Tthe UK is in the process of approving same sex marriage.

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