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The Type of Stories Filmmaker Lee Godden is Seeking for His Server-focused Documentary "Where's My Food?!"

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Seeking Compelling, True Stories

Type Stories Filmmaker Godden Seeking Server-focused Documentary

Now Scheduling Interviews with Servers Who Live in/Near Southern California

The producers of "Where's My Food?!" are currently scheduling preliminary interviews with current or former food servers who a have a personal, compelling story about how waiting tables has positively and/or negatively altered their lives. If you're willing to share your story with us we may feature you in this documentary.

(Unfortunately, we are not looking for interesting stories/rants about what happened during a server's work shift, ex: "This crazy guy left me a $200 tip," or "I caught our cook using expired eggs.")

 If you know someone who has a remarkable life story related to their serving career, please ask them to contact us.

Stories must be true and verifiable, and stories should have emotionally compelling elements. For example:

  • Perhaps you served food for years, struggling to feed your family as you worked your way through law school, and now you're a partner at a law firm.

  • Perhaps you lost your job in the corporate world and were forced to take a serving job, just to survive. 

  • Perhaps you've worked in a relatively low-wage serving job for years, and you have no intention of doing anything else because you enjoy your work and your customers.

  • Perhaps you initially saw serving food as a stepping stone to another career or to completing a college education, but many years have passed and you're getting older, and you're no closer to your goals than when you started.

  • Perhaps you managed to succeed in your serving career despite struggling with a physical or mental disability.

  • Perhaps you developed an alcohol or drug addiction while serving, and you've struggled for years trying to beat it.

These are simply examples. The best server stories will be the ones that the film's producers never imagined, yet are true and amazing.

You may be asked by the producers to allow -- and to facilitate permissions for -- limited camera access to your home and place of work in order to portray genuine environments for on-camera interviews and to capture secondary footage.

This is NOT an acting gig. If you're selected as one of the film's featured servers, you'll be expected to genuinely recount your verifiable story on camera, expressing your authentic emotions...i.e. not acting.

We'll need your telephone number and email address, the city where you live / work, and any other details / information that you think may be useful to us in determining your suitability for possible inclusion in this film. To begin the process, please contact us.

All the best,


Telsius Productions LLC, Los Angeles, CA
(310) 916-9886

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