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The ‘twice in a Lifetime’ Holiday – One in Three Have Returned to Their ‘once in a Lifetime’ Destination

Posted on the 09 January 2014 by 72point @72hub

Once-in-a-lifetime holidays are becoming twice-in-a-lifetime breaks – with a large percentage of British travellers returning to worldwide destinations they fell in love with first time round. Researchers, who carried out a detailed study among 2,000 adults who holiday regularly, found 75% have revisited a city, country or resort at least once.

And 31% have already chosen to go back to a long-haul destination which they initially deemed to be ‘once in a lifetime’.

Another one in two said they planned to return at some point in their lifetime to somewhere they considered a ‘once in a lifetime’ destination.

The study also found America, Australia, Italy, Barbados and Canada are the places which top the ‘twice-in-a-lifetime’ holiday list.

The Kuoni report also identified a trend of saving over a long period of time to return to locations which hold fond memories.

Derek Jones, managing director of Kuoni, said:

”We’re seeing a generation of adventurers who set off to see the world with a backpack in their twenties to places like Thailand, Malaysia, India and Australia return to those places they love at a later stage in life.

”Worldwide travel is more affordable and accessible than it has ever has been before.

”The choice of destinations, hotels and flights now is vast and brings many stunning countries and cruises – viewed in the past as ‘once in a lifetime’ – within the reach of many more people.

”Almost three-quarters of people were likely to return to a ‘once in a lifetime’ destination because they were so overwhelmed by the scenery and landscapes, while the same percentage wanted time to experience things they had missed on their original visit.”

One third of those polled were so amazed by everything they saw first time round they wanted to see it all a second time, while 63% fell in love with the culture, which was so different from anything else they had come across before.

Six in 10 people felt they’d never be able to match the fantastic accommodation anywhere else in the world, and 59%t simply loved the local cuisine.

Over two thirds of people decided to go back to a long-haul destination after finding the local people so welcoming and friendly, while a further 37% made some really good friends they were keen to see again.

And when it comes to socialising with people who live abroad, a fifth were lucky enough to enjoy a bit of romance and wanted to go back to meet the same person again or recreate the experience.

Other reasons why people decided to save up and revisit a tropical destination include wanting to take a new partner or additional member of the family and marking a special occasion such as a honeymoon, milestone birthday or anniversary.

Two thirds of people claim their ‘twice in a lifetime’ holiday is the only place they have really managed to relax, and is also the destination where they’ve been able to switch off from work completely.

Four in 10 holidaymakers said they simply didn’t believe another trip could top the one they’d had previously.

For those people who had returned to an exotic holiday location, a fifth went at exactly the same time of year, while one in 10 used the same itinerary a second time.

A third went to all the same bars and restaurants, 16% stayed in the same room and 13% managed to meet up with the same people.

In addition to the USA and Australia, Brits would also like to save up and go back to Egypt, Thailand, the Maldives or Mexico.


1. USA
2. Australia
3. Italy
4. Barbados
5. Canada
6. Egypt
7. Thailand
8. Maldives
9. Mexico
10. A Cruise


1. You have such fond memories of the first visit
2. Fell in love with the scenery and landscape
3. The locals were so welcoming and friendly
4. You didn’t see or experience enough first time round
5. Good value for money
6. Wanted to see different parts of the country
7. Fell in love with the culture
8. You forgot about work completely
9. The accommodation was amazing
10. You loved the food
11. Something for all the family to do
12. Haven’t been so relaxed anywhere else in the world
13. Wanted to take a new partner, or return with the family
14. To mark an anniversary or special occasion
15. You simply want to recreate the first special holiday
16. You met some / made some good friends
17. You don’t think any other holiday could top it
18. You had such a romantic time on your last visit
19. You befriended the staff
20. You met someone / enjoyed a holiday romance

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