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The Twelve Days of Christmas WAIWL Style - Day: 12

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
I made it! I had intended to end on Christmas day, but found out halfway through that I was a day off. Oh well. Close enough
Anyway, "Twelve drummers drumming" was rather difficult. I considered doing something about durum wheat because that's close to the word "drum". Then, I was thrilled to find that Neil Peart the DRUMMER from the band RUSH had blog about FOOD! I was going to post a link to that and say Merry Christmas and leave it at that. Well, went to his official website and I've tried many times to find the "blog" but no luck. So....
Here are 12 famous drummers and their favorite Food and in some cases, drink.
  • Rick Allen of Def Leppard : O'Douls; Diet Coke, Indian
  • James Kottak of the Scorpions: Vegetable with Rice
  • Tim Smith of the Killdares: Thai. He also loves his mom's gumbo which is made from his great grandma’s recipe
  • Ringo Star (Do I really have to say "of the Beatles"?): Naan
  • Tre Cool of Green Day : Sushi
  • Steve Hewitt of Placebo : Italian
  • Zak St John (who has played with the B-52's): Spaghetti and Meatballs.
  • Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers(Hey, I'm equal opportunity) : Steak
  • Roger Taylor of Queen : Japanese Food
  • Don Henley of the Eagles: Can't find anything that is definitive but I did find a whole series of videos, 16 to be exact, based on making his favorite Fillet Mignon  
  • Sean Drover of Megadeath - Japanese/Sushi
  • Lars Ulrich of Metallica - Dry White Wine, Merlot Red Wine, Evian, tea. French food, tuna, sushi, frozen yogurt.

Well there ya go. I would have preferred to include other drummers but that is all I could find. I scoured the Internet for hours finding all of this. I hope you enjoyed my Twelve Days of Christmas series. Frankly I'm happy it's done. This writing everyday is for the birds even if this was written ahead of time and set to be published today. Well, if writing was my only job, I could live with that;-) However, I am looking forward to just going back to telling about my weight loss journey. I had to follow through because I'm so darned stubborn! Hahaha.
My family celebrates on Christmas Eve so...
Merry Christmas 
to all and to all a good night (or whatever you celebrate)

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