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The Twelve Days of Christmas WAIWL Style - Day : 11

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
Only one more day of the Twelve Days of Christmas. I hope you have enjoyed what I've written in the series so far. So, "Eleven Pipers Piping"...I thought this one was going to be easy. I was going to do cakes because icing can be used as "piping". I thought that might be rather difficult to write about. Thanks to Google, I love Google, I realized that pipes play an important part in food processing.
So, on the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me...sanitary processing pipes. Yes it sounds boring but I've got video for you to watch because I'd probably bore you and myself writing about sanitary processing pipes. Enjoy.
Ice cream Factories:
I've been to the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont many times, lots of pipes in the factory.  I couldn't find any footage inside the Ben and Jerry's factory so here is a video about how they make ice cream treats, which starts with making ice cream:
PS: I love "How It's Made"!
Milk processing plants:
Milk processing plants, lots of pipes. Note: this is an animation of milk processing that ultimately ends at "milk powder". If you want to covert Celsius to Fahrenheit just double the number and add 30. That will give you a rough estimation of temperature in Fahrenheit.

Beer breweries:
If you visit a brewery there are lots of pipes. Even microbreweries like Brown's in Troy NY have lots of pipes. Here is a tour of the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. Note: all the pipes. BTW, I'm a beer snob. I totally endorse Dogfish Head.

Cheese factories:
And cheese tanks use pipes.

It it weren't for pipes it would take forever to make our food. It would probably be pretty expensive too due to the supply and demand economic model. The more that is available the cheaper it is, the less the more expensive it is. It's the little things that we never think of that help make our food everyday like the farmers, drivers, factory workers, and even equipment. It it weren't for them our food would be pretty boring and hard to get.
Oh and BTW, since it is the "Twelve Days of Christmas", lets go back to my original idea. Here's a video about piping icing on gingerbread houses;-)

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