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The Top 3 Prom Dress Designs For Plus Size Ladies

By Bisma @beautyfull6
For most girls, getting a prom dress is easy. But for those selected few who have gained weight, the thought of wearing the perfect prom dress seems farfetched. That’s why most of these plus sized ladies either resort into dieting or probably miss the entire prom party. But do you have to immediately resort into dieting just to make it to the prom party? What about if I’m going to tell you now that you can still find the right prom dress that will flatter your figure even if you’re plus size? Stick around as we are going to know more about the top 3 prom dress designs for plus size ladies.Prom Dress Designs Plus Size Ladies
Prom Dress Designs Plus Size Ladies
Prom Dress Designs Plus Size Ladies
1. Floor length prom dresses – this style of dress is a must have for every plus size lady especially for the prom party. The idea here is to create and illusion of being wiry without having to put too much effort on it. Aside from that, the floor length skirt covers the legs which is not really a desirable feature for most big size women.2. Sleeved gowns – It’s safe to wear any type of gown this year so plus size ladies wouldn’t have a hard time fitting up themselves with sleeved gowns. The idea here is to cover up those broad shoulders and to reveal slightly the chest area which is one of the attractive features in plus size women. The prom dresses from the green guide are perfectly tailored that these dress are also made suitable for plus size prom goers.3. Black prom dresses – Black will always be ‘in’ no matter what occasion you are going to be attending in. Dress in bold black prom dresses and you will immediately turn into a much slender lady in the eyes of your peers without having to do a lot of work on your overall look.Additional Tips:1. Wear less accessories – It would be wise to minimize on the use of accessories so that everyone’s attention will be drawn to you dress. Wearing of too much jewelry is too confusing to the eye that it will make your undesirables be noticed more than expected.2. Be wise in your choice of shoes – Wear flat shoes or sandals if you leg area is bigger than the usual. On the other hand, you can wear stilettos if you’re legs is figured.3. Wear light makeup – Bear in mind that prom is usually an evening affair so it would help to wear light makeup as this will reveal you natural beauty even more compared to heave makeup.

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