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The Toll of Gun Violence is Not Only Counted in Dead Bodies

Posted on the 22 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
The Indy Star reports on the recovery of Chance Jackson shot twice one month ago.
The boy had significant damage to seven vital organs. His gallbladder had to be removed. He had operations on his liver and pancreas; a kidney was injured. A major artery in his stomach was severed and had to be removed. A bullet broke one of his ribs.
He had trouble putting weight on his legs after being stuck in an Indianapolis hospital bed for two weeks. He can walk and talk now, but both wear him out.
Can you imagine the monetary and emotional cost of something like this. And the thing is, it happens dozens of times a day all over the country.
Often we get caught up counting deaths, but in a sick way, serious woundings are even more costly.
I place the blame on the easy access to guns in Indiana, the prevalent attitude that guns are the answer and the gun-rights folks who make those two things possible.
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