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The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I Run Long Distance - BUY THIS BOOK

By Jamesrichardadams @jamesradams

I get loads from running. It gives me pleasure and pain, makes me smile and cry, makes me feel like I belong as well as lonely. It has given me some of the most thrilling moments of my life, and some shit ones. Sounds like a bad horoscope doesn't it?

But I am at peace with the fact that I am not running for any super noble cause, I am not running for world peace or to rid the world of cancer or to raise awareness of badgers with dyslexia by going on fancy holidays with a pair of running shoes.

And I think most people are the same.

And I like it when others are honest about that.

And this book is very honest about that.

It's also fucking hilarious.

If you have not seen the Oatmeal "reasons why I run long distances" then do, it will be the best 15 minutes of your day today.

I also reckon this is one of the best books you could ever buy, and not just because reading it will make you laugh and laugh a lot.

Mostly buy this book and keep it on your coffee table (sorry, I forgot you were a virtuous runner - I mean your green tea table). That way when someone comes to visit (assuming you have friends, cos runners are obviously so motivated and intimidating that people choose not to hang around because they feel inferior) you can throw this at them and tell them really why you run.

If you are not familiar with the oatmeal and the "Blerch" it is basically a long fight with a little fat demon which constantly flies around telling you that you should not go for a run. We all recognise this and we all let it win sometimes, or even most times. It's not an evil thing it's just part of us that likes cake.

Basically the book is a lot of this...

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