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The Summer Tormentoni in 1964 on the Italians Beaches: Let's Dance!

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy
italyIn the Sixties in Italy, there were 3,000 jukeboxes scattered all over the Italy. When the beach umbrellas opened, every  jukebox  was playing all the success of the summer. If in 1963 the success was "Abbronzatissima" – as you can see in the following link -  the song was different in 1964. The tormentone had to be  easy to remember and to sing , it should had accompanied all the people during the summer . The  holidays were made at the same time of year for all the Italians because the closures of factories. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in 1964, the beaches  most frequented by the Italians were Rimini or Viareggio. Every beach had its own  Juke box full of tormentoni . The Rai channel invented the program A DISC OF GOLD FOR SUMMER in the 1964. The winners were Los Marcellos Ferial with the song Sei diventata nera.But that year there would had been other famous tormentoni. Let's jump in 1964 to listen to them? the first tormentone was Sei diventata nera performed by Los Marcellos Ferial now the next succes of that year in the Italian summer. Con te sulla spiaggia performed by Nico Fidenco
The summer was long so they need more song! The next is è l'uomo per me by Mina- this singer was  very disobedient for these years! We wanna forget this success!  Here Fred Bongusto in Una Rotonda sul mare if you are a sentimental person What to say? Let's play your juke box!

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