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The Stupidest Supreme Court Argument In Nearly 50 Years

Posted on the 03 April 2015 by Jobsanger
The Stupidest Supreme Court Argument In Nearly 50 Years
This has to be a sign of just how desperate the politicians of the religious right have become in their effort to please the fundamentalists. In an effort to justify their continuing ban on same-sex marriages, attorney's for the state of Kentucky have filed a brief with the Supreme Court. That brief says "men and women, whether heterosexual or homosexual, cannot marry persons of the same sex".
Yes, you read that correctly. Kentucky says their law banning same-sex marriages is not discriminatory because it applies to both heterosexuals and homosexuals. They say that keeping heterosexuals from doing something they have no intention or desire to do, means that keeping homosexuals from marrying the person they love is not discrimination.
That has to be the stupidest argument before the United States Supreme Court since the state of Virginia argued in 1967 that keeping Blacks from marrying Whites wasn't discrimination because they also kept Whites from marrying Blacks -- hoping the court wouldn't see that the arguments are different sides of the same coin.
The Supreme Court brushed aside that argument, and ruled that banning interracial marriages violated the Constitution. And that is what the court should do to this stupid argument by Kentucky. Keeping heterosexuals from marrying a person of the same sex does not justify keeping homosexual couples from marrying the person they love -- and only an idiot could think it does.
It is time for this country to completely outlaw bans on same-sex marriages. These bans are an abomination to all decent people, regardless of sexual orientation -- and it is time they were tossed into the trash bin of history (along with other forms of bigotry and discrimination).

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