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The Story Of The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was

By Itellyouastory

A certain father had two  sons, the elder of  who was smart andsensible, and could do  everything, but  the younger  was stupid  andcould  neither learn nor understand anything, and when people saw himthey said: «There’s a fellow who will give his father  some trouble!’When anything had to  be done, it was always the elder who was  forcedto do it; but if his  father bade him fetch anything when  it was late,or  in the night-time, and  the way led through the  churchyard, or anyother  dismal place, he  answered: «Oh, no  father, I’ll  not go  there,it  makes me  shudder!» for  he  was afraid. Or when  stories were toldby the  fire at night  which made  the flesh creep, the listenerssometimes said: «Oh, it makes us shudder!»  The younger sat in a cornerand listened with the rest of them, and could  not imagine what  theycould  mean.  «They are  always  saying: “It  makes  me shudder, itmakes me shudder!” It  does not make me shudder,» thought  he. «That,too, must be an art of which I understand nothing!»

Now it came to pass that his father  said to him one day: «Hearken tome, you fellow in the corner there, you  are growing tall and strong,and  you too must learn something by which you  can earn your bread.Look how  your brother works, but  you do not  even earn your  salt.’«Well, father,»  he replied, «I am quite willing to learnsomething—indeed, if it could but be managed, I should like to learn howto shudder. I don’t understand that at all yet.» The  elder brothersmiled when he  heard that,  and thought  to himself: «Goodness, what  ablockhead  that brother  of mine  is! He  will never be good  foranything  as long as  he lives!  He who wants  to be  a sickle must bendhimself betimes.»


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