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The Story of Little Indiana Businesses

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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little Indiana Homepage August 2009...Before There Were Fans

little Indiana Homepage August 2009...Before There Were Fans

I started little Indiana because I cared about small Indiana businesses. Maybe it’s due to my long family history of small business owners. Maybe it’s in my blood.

Gas stations, diners, video stores–my family has been there and done that. little Indiana is my contribution to our small business history–and my passion.

little Indiana Begins…

Truth be told, it all started during our first year in a new small town. Hearing sirens for the longest time, hubs ventured outside in the cold and dark of Winter to see what was happening.

He burst back inside proclaiming, “There’s a parade down the street!” Apparently, our small town has an annual Christmas Parade. But as newbies? We had no idea.

That planted the seed. If I didn’t know about it and I lived here…how many other people were also in the dark?

When I decided to begin little Indiana, I planned, planned, and planned some more. I didn’t want to just explore my small Indiana town–I wanted to explore the state!

It was a year in the making. I wanted to make sure I did it right–and I had such limited html knowledge. I figured I had to hire someone to create the site that matched my vision.

Year of Planning and Frustration

Vevay, Indiana: Swiss Wine Festival Media Celebrity Grape Stomp 2011

Vevay, Indiana: Swiss Wine Festival Media Celebrity Grape Stomp 2011 -- I've Even Stomped Grapes!

And I did. Well, I tried to hire someone, anyway. Each time someone seemed like they would take on the job, they would disappear off the face of the Earth.

Or, worse yet, one company didn’t actually complete the things they started–and then tried to charge me for them!

So, after a long year of fine-tuning the little Indiana idea, I decided to do it myself. Pregnant with our second child, I spent night after night learning how to build a blog. It took months for me to get the design for little Indiana just right.

The site went live two weeks before I went into labor. That was over two years ago.

little Indiana Businesses is Born

Touring small towns, I received a lot of requests for web design. Knowing how full my own schedule was–I couldn’t help out. Considering how much trouble I had had, I couldn’t even pass along a referral.

Then it hit me: why don’t I have a sister site to little Indiana where businesses can get the online presence that they need with as little fuss as possible?

I also figured that I would be smarter this time around. This time? I wouldn’t get taken for a ride. Well. Things didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped. Again, I ended up doing it alone.

This is why I’m so completely dedicated to you: I personally know how hard it is to get online. I also know from many of your stories, that you’ve lost money trying to hire help as well.

little Indiana is a safe place. You have probably met me in person and if you haven’t? It’s only a matter of time.

The Fact of The Matter

little Indiana Businesses

little Indiana Businesses

little Indiana Businesses exists so you don’t have to go what I went through trying to get out there and online. After all–you have better things to do. You’ve got a business to run!

Browse the media packet to learn more about the readers of little Indiana. Request a little Indiana Advertising brochure. Want to chat on the phone or try to meet in person to speak advertising?

Contact me and we’ll work on that.

You need a place to reach new customers. little Indiana Businesses is it!

No contracts to sign, no high rates or hidden fees, hey–you can even keep your first born!

From festivals to seasonal businesses to mom and pop shops across the Hoosier state, make little Indiana Businesses your new advertising outlet and reach Hoosiers like never before.

For those of you without a small business of your own, well, little Indiana Businesses is just one more way to find mom and pop shops–and to avoid the big box!

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Targeted. Relevant. Affordable! little Indiana advertising.

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