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The Standing in the Middle of the Street Astronomy Club

Posted on the 22 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
THE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET ASTRONOMY CLUBSo, I'm out on my evening walk around the estate, as I often am. I'm walking down the hill and walking up the hill is a person I say "hello" to who works in a local shop. We stand there for a bit, under a gorgeous clear sky talking about the wonders of the universe etc... yes, this really happened. I really did talk to a person in the street.
We're standing there, we find the Big Dipper aka plow constellation that gives us a line to the north star and Cassiopeia, the one that looks like a big W, and there's a SMUDGE near it. I've just found out it's the Andromeda Galaxy with a little booleaning. So, there we're standing, chit-chatting, and up the hill comes another person.
"Would you like to join our STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET ASTRONOMY CLUB?" I asked the person.
"I don't think so," comes the good natured reply, with a wry smile. Wonder where our 'astronomy club' will find us next.... :)

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