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The Size of an Iceberg Depends on Where You Live...

Posted on the 01 March 2021 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From Bedford Today: An iceberg which has been dubbed 'the size of Bedfordshire' has broken off from Antarctica, near to a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) station. The 1,270km2, 150 metre-thick chunk of frozen water separated from the Brunt Ice Shelf this morning.
Their fifteen seconds of fame didn't last long.
From The Metro: A huge iceberg nearly as large as Greater London has broken off the Antarctic ice shelf near a British research station.
From Paris Match: Un iceberg géant de la taille de Paris se détache de l'Antarctique
From IJsberg ter grootte van provincie Utrecht breekt af van Antarctica
From Iceberg the size of Co Monaghan calves in Antarctica
From In der Antarktis ist ein riesiger Eisberg vom Schelfeis abgebrochen. Das teilte die Organisation British Antarctic Survey (BAS) am Freitag mit. Der Eisberg mit einer Fläche von 1270 Quadratkilometern (etwa halb so groß wie das Saarland) war Teil des Brunt-Schelfeises, einem Gletscher in der Antarktis.
Bonus points to, who didn't describe its size in relation to anywhere in Belgium: De ijsberg ter grootte van de agglomeratie rond Parijs of Londen is losgekomen van het ijsplateau Brunt.
What's interesting is that in Dutch/Flemish, they capitalise the I and the J.

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