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The Sick, Sorry, Even Immoral and Unconscionable State of Health Care in America

Posted on the 03 September 2015 by Morage @kebmebms

Examples of this sick system we call health care in America.
Example 1:
I have a friend who hurt himself, rather badly, at work, while working. He hurt his back.
He is off work now, both recuperating and waiting for the repair on his back that is required.
In the meantime, to make things worse, he is having to fight his employer--and probably the insurance company---to have workmen's compensation cover his injury.
What he's going through:
"For those of you that have never dealt with workman's comp.....I pray you never have to. For those that have, you know my anger and frustration of waiting for everything, as it needs get one thing behind you and the next step takes an eternity to proceed to the next step in care of your injury.... What should take a matter of days to diagnosis, make preparations for and do repairs is still in the preparation stage and final repair--surgery--doesn't even have a scheduled date or approval from the powers that be....."

Fighting to get covered on an injury plainly sustained while at work, while working.
Nice, huh?
Example number 2:
A co-worker at my office has an allergy of some kind but she doesn't know to what she is allergic.
The allergy test, to discover that allergy?
And not covered by her health insurance.
Naturally. Who's surprised?
So she goes without any relief. She'll keep "running into" whatever mysterious thing it is she's allergic to, all because America's health care system is tied to profit, completely unlike any other industrialized nation in the world.
Example number 3:
And then there's all the people, thousands upon thousands of Americans across the country, for whom there are fundraisers, lead by family and friends, to help people pay as much of their health care bills as possible because, for one reason or another, they can't pay the bills.

With medical insurance often lacking, 

fund-raisers help the sick pay bills

There's even a website to help people do it.

Medical Fundraising: Get Help Paying Medical Bills -YouCaring

No other nation does that. Only us "exceptional" Americans. Fantastic, isn't it?
Final example:
Then there's the statistic that more people go bankrupt---bankrupt---due to health care bills than any other reason or source. Check that out:

Medical bills prompt more than 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies

We Americans have, hands down, proven, without and doubt or comparison, the most expensive health care system in the world.
And it's bankrupting us.
Worse, it's killing us:

US Healthcare: Most Expensive and Worst 


And to those who say we Americans have the best health care system in the world? And/or that our system is helping to pay for all the progress made in the world in  medicine? Note, again, that NO OTHER NATION IN THE INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD TIES HEALTH CARE TO PROFIT. No other nation does this. The United States has, by far, the most expensive health care system in the world and we are ranked 17th---SEVENTEENTH--in mortality rates. Americans die before the people in 16 other nations yet we pay more than anyone else.
We just aren't that bright.
And we could change this.
But we have to demand it. We have to demand change, the change we so sorely need.
Link:  8 facts that explain what's wrong with American health care

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