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The Scribe Ta Kneeling In Front of Anubis

By Egyking
A bald-headed man is depicted at the right hand side, kneeling on the left knee before the jackal god Anubis, who is on his shrine. The man, who according to the inscription is the scribe Ta, wears a long robe and a long kilt with a pleated apron, and raises his hands in adoration. Anubis wears a kind of collar with ribbons or a narrow sash around the neck.
The Scribe Ta kneeling In front of Anubis
An Eye of Horus is depicted above his back. In front of him are a libation jar in a basin and a bouquet of lotus plants. The text consists of seven vertical columns above the scene and one horizontal line above the scribe.<BR>The representations are finely carved in bas relief.

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