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"The Score" and More with Of All The Fish In The Sea

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Hey folks! I'm back from the land of stomach flu. On the positive side, I am wearing my skinny jeans after dropping 7 lbs over night.  The negative- I know they wont fit anymore tomorrow.
 You now what else is back?  My attempt at running my blog series "The Score", where I get to hear about bloggers favorite all time finds. Here today with an amazing find and transformation is the super talented Kim from Take it away girl... It's so hard to choose a favorite find...but I think it would have to be... The 60's record cabinet that now resides in my entryway nook. I found it at our neighborhood antique store in the dusty, spiderweb-laden "bargain basement." I loved the lines of the piece, but it was finished in a cheap-o tan-ish formica that just wasn't working for me, or for it! I knew I wanted to refinish it in a way that was more my style, but still stay true to it's retro appeal.  I've always been a fan of bold chevron stripes, and I had the idea to showcase them on the cabinet's doors.  I primed the piece all over to give myself an even clean working surface, then went to town with paint I already had on hand. I tried to choose both contrasting colors to make a statement, and also lighter tones as to not overwhelm the small cabinet. I polished all of the brass hinges, and the crowning glory was the vintage Asian cabinet pulls I bought off of Etsy. This helped to ground the piece in its retro past, but also suggest a a new, Asian style influence. Instead of groovy vinyl records, now it holds all of the odds and ends of my everyday life. I love its current reincarnation, but sometimes I like to daydream about it's next life!
 Incredible, huh? Well I did some digging on her blog and found the before of the gorgeous mirror that is hanging over the piece...
And the magic of before and afters doesn't end here. Kim is a girl after my own heart, who loves a great project and isn't afraid of paint or color. She is definitely a do-er! Her site is chock full of her amazing repurposes and thrift store scores. Just take a look at these...

Oh, and she likes to make things too. Like these book shelves out of pipe and lumber and this light fixture from an old lampshade and wax paper...
Now click here to see her latest two projects. You will not believe what she turned this... and this..
into. Seriously good and so talented!!!  Thank you Kim for sharing your score!

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