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The Safety Pin and the Paper Clip, Past and Present History

Posted on the 15 November 2016 by Doggone
The Safety Pin and the Paper Clip, past and present history The safety pin is an anti-oppression symbol being worn post the Trump election as a push back against acts of bigotry by Trump supporters, against the harassment and intimidation of people that the Trump presidency has made acceptable.
All hail President Pig and his Thug followers, and the violence they bring to this country!
I would not be surprised if lynching returned to the United States after the Trump inauguration. Black Church burnings are already here.
The paper clip was actually created by an American, but it was was widely mis-attributed to a Norwegian named Vaaler, and during World War II became a symbol for Norwegian unity and as a symbol of resistance to Nazis and to antisemitism.
I would encourage our Penigma readers to join in wearing a safety pin somewhere on your clothing as an "anti-Trump supporter violence" and an "anti-bigotry" gesture. Wear it as blatantly or as unobtrusively as suits your situation. But wear both, please, to make a statement for the duration of the Trump regime, however brief we might hope it to be.

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