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The Russian Police Choir: If You Like It Then You Should’ve Putin Five Rings On It. We’re Up All Night To Get Sochi.

By Danthatscool @DanScontras


Hashtag Awesome.

Olympic Awesome.

You’ve probably seen the video a hundred times already.  But it doesn’t even matter.

In less than 24 hours this thing has not only melted down the internet but also pretty much put a stop to all of my productivity this weekend.

Ahead of the official Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Olympics, held in beautiful downtown #SochiProblems, Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs Choir (…better known in local Kremlin karaoke bars as the Russian Police Choir…) hit the fake ice stage to perform a jaw-dropping rendition of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky.”

And it will definitely keep you Up All Night.

Scoring was unanimous.

The Medal for Best White FratBoy Drunk Dance To Techno Pop While Dressed Like The Guys From Hogan’s Heroes And Rocky & Bullwinkle totally went to these dudes.

The Gold Medal, that is.  And the Silver and Bronze, too.  Trifecta.

Twerk over to NBC and check out the full musical extravaganza here.

And when you do, keep an eye out for a few moments of epic awesomeness.

Like this guy, who was getting it done better than your drunk Uncle at a wedding.

Or Sad Sack here, who clearly could have used a hug from one of those dancing snowball ladies that were directing traffic in the stadium.
But they stuck to the straight and narrow.  Or at least the narrow part.
And leave it to Russia to bring back the ’70s porno mustache.  A really happy one.
Of course, if you prefer your Russian Policemen uncomfortably grinding their hips in stage fog under mood lighting, then there’s always last year’s official music video.

Please do enjoy, comrades.

добро пожаловать

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