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The Rules of Wearing an Untucked Shirt

By Attireclub @attireclub

The Rules of Wearing an Untucked ShirtMany men like the idea of wearing a shirt untucked, but a lot of them have questions about how to wear an untucked shirt, when and whether they should wear one at all.

Wearing an untucked shirt can be quite advantageous, but there are a few rules we recommend following should you wish to have a great sartorial experience.

There are a few reasons why men should wear untucked shirts.

Firstly, wearing an untucked shirt allows you more movement than a shirt that is tucked, especially if you are not a master tucker (although there shouldn't be any issues if you are wearing a well-fitting shirt).

Secondly, an untucked shirt can allow your skin to breathe better, especially during the summer when it can get pretty hot.

Thirdly, many guys find that untucked shirts are more comfortable to wear, as they don't cause any bulking around the waist or any other issues. Of course, this is an assessment made mostly by younger guys who are still figuring out the ins and outs of wearing a dress shirt. And, in all honesty, starting out with an untucked shirt is a great way to go.

The Rules of Wearing an Untucked Shirt
It is probably obvious to most men that an untucked shirt should be worn on casual occasions. You can try to dress it up, by wearing it with a suit and tie, but it doesn't really work. This is why you should only wear an untucked shirt in a casual setting. The type of setting and type of shirt determine each other: loose, baggy shirt can be worn at the beach, while more fitted shirts are OK to be worn in a casual work environment, at a casual restaurant, while traveling and so on.


When you are wearing an untucked shirt, make sure that it is a rather short shirt. Longer shirts are not meant to be worn untucked. Usually, a shirt that can be worn untucked is a shirt that does not cover more than half of your bum, but shorter is usually the way to go.


While some shirts have a looser cut by design, for example Hawaiian shirts, shirts that are meant to be worn untucked, the rule when it comes to wearing untucked shirts is that they need to be fitted impeccably. Otherwise, you risk looking saggy and to give out a bad vibe.

The Rules of Wearing an Untucked Shirt
The unbutting problem

When it comes to wearing untucked shirts, many are pondering on the question of whether you can unbutton one or two (or three) of the top buttons of the shirt. While this does go, we recommend doing it only if your shirt is well fitted and tapered. The reason for this is because otherwise you can look as if the shirt is about to fly away from your body and not in a good way.

Jackets and vests

You can definitely wear a jacket, a vest or both with an untucked shirt, but again, fit is key and must be held cohesively. We recommend wearing vests only over well-fitted shirts, otherwise it will very likely look as if you have corseted yourself with a vest. When it comes to jackets, we are more open, you can wear them even over a baggier shirt, but not if the shirt is extremely baggy - you don't want to look as if you are wearing a shirt over a jacket.

Additional information

One thing you should remember when it comes to untucked shirts is that once you have tucked in a shirt, you should not take it out of your pants (until you change, that is). The shirt will have wrinkles in the lower side and you will look disproportionate and out of shape. Unless you really have to, keep your shirt tucked, if this is what you went for in the first place.

Wearing an untucked shirt can be a great style experience and if done right, it can be a real game changer. Making sure your shirt fits well and is not too long will ensure you that you will look and feel great, even with your shirt untucked and opened.

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