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The Rivers Run Deep/Swimming In The “Life” Of Luxury

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Even Though I Was Born Under The Earth Sign Taurus I Always Had A Strong Connection To Water.  Aside From Loving To Wash, When I Bathed As A Child I Would Always Spend A Little Extra Time Inside The Tub Playing With My Barbie Dolls And My Large Balloon Shark. My Dolls Would Have Swimming Contests As I Made Strong Currents With My Hands Around My Body To See Which Doll Floated Through First.

Over Fifteen Years Ago Now, Is When I Had Noticed Whenever I Ran The Water At The Kitchen Or Bathroom Sink My Thoughts Would Heighten And I’d Received Information A Little Stronger Than Usual. The Same Thing Happened When I Would Take Showers And Til This Day Nothing Has Changed. Water Serves As A Vital Source Of Energy.

I Always Placed A Vessel Containing Certain Elements Upon My Altars From The Start. Such As Dirt, Representing Earth. Incense, The Smoke Representing Air, And The Candle Burning Representing Fire. However, At The Time, I Didn’t Realize How The Water Genuinely Played A Major And Significant Role In Preparation And Spirit.

No Matter Where I Am At, Whenever I Am Near Bodies Of Water I Become Super Cognizant.

Fierce Warrior Orisha Ogun And River Goddess Oshun Have Been Around Me For Years. We Go Way Back. Ten Years Ago, I Received Oshun’s Honey-Colored Beads For Protection From A Yoruba Priestess. I Gave Oshun Two Beautiful Tokens (Offerings) Upon My Receipt.

Oshun Is One Of The “Royally Seated” Orishas Who Occupies And Who Is Venerated Upon My Altar. Although, Particular Innate Spiritual Inclines Are Very Sensitive To Certain Objects, Elements And Things On Their Own. I Still Thank Oshun For Enhancing Me In Her Rich “Cleansing Waves” Of Refreshment. And Then Sending Out To Me “Streams” Of Her Love.

Water Is Extremely Beneficial To Us Spiritually As Well As Physically. As We All Know, Without Water We Cannot Survive. It Is Essential To Our Lifeforce.

To Me, To “Get Wet” In Any Way Results In A Blessing As It Purifies, Nutritionalizes And Energizes.

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