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The Rising Power of Chinese Language Among Tennessee Students

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It is best to consider learning Chinese language because you are thinking that it may contribute great things in the near future. I mean, the purpose of learning this idiom is certainly not because you just feel like learning it, right? I’m sure, you wouldn’t invest to learn Chinese language if you don’t consider it essential for you and your prospected plans and career.

This goal is not different from those middle school students in Nashville who look forward in taking interest in learning Chinese language. They believe it could help them with their careers.

According Action News, the economy of Tennessee happens to shift to businesses with ties to China. Its industries are actually exporting $1.87 billion in goods to China, and according to the news. It is a trend nationwide. As a response, more public schools are offering classes in Chinese language.

Would this affect the competence among Spanish language rampant in Nashville?

Base on statistics, Spanish was ranked to be the most popular foreign language taught in their schools since 2 million students were actually enrolled. However, a recent report from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages showed how Chinese language seems to take on its faster pace.

There was actually a rapid growth of 195 percent of learners learning Chinese language between 2005 and 2008, compared to Spanish students that grew only 2 percent. Currently, there were a number of 1,200 students learning Mandarin Chinese among eight Nashville schools.

People are really considering learning foreign languages not because they just feel like learning it. Taking Tennessee a classic example, students are investing this kind of learning among themselves because they know it becomes beneficial for their future careers.

Do you personally invest yourself to learn a foreign language because you look forward to your career as well? No wonder some people are enrolling in foreign language schools because they know, their knowledge with this foreign language becomes an engine to bring them to the dream that they’ve always wanted on the first place.

Are you interested to do the same investments as well?

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