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The Review of Summer in the City 2012

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
I spoke to many people over the three days and had a great time and wanted to get everyone involved with a blog post so asked them what they had thought of the three days and the experiences that they had at summer in the city 2012.
There were many new people who had never been to a gathering like it before (me included) and the response from the people who turned up seemed positive and liked the interaction between the people they had met and the way collaboration was so easy to organize at the event. Many people made many so many new friends and met so many interesting people that the event was a great three days and many people I spoke to said they would be going to more gatherings and defiantly attending next years summer in the city.
I have split some of the comments in to pros and cons so you can all see what everyone thought about the event below:these are all from around 100 or so people i interviewed at the gathering
Great atmosphere.
Great music in the open mic room.
The use of space and the way the rooms were set out were cool.
I loved the games room i won at sopio for the first time.
The panel/ conference style was great the content was very interesting.
The lighting in the red room was magical.
Glad we had a room to go to get away from the fan girls/mobs of people. (Big Youtubers views)
Helpful security staff.
People were friendly and i enjoyed myself as i went to many of the interesting talks.
Great locations.
The games corner was great and enjoyed reading the magazines.
The Save The Children Stand was great and the people were amazing to meet.
Queuing for 4 hours plus to get in.
Fan girls screaming and running around.
Not enough room in the venue.
Not enough signs/ announcements about what was happening in different rooms i missed some of the talks.
Could have been more activities/ talks.
Nowhere to charge my camera and phone.
Overall the event was good there were good points and bad points and many people thought it was better than last year and the indoor event was good abut there needed to be more space and places to relax in the venue as it was very crowded in many of the rooms.
Thank you to everyone i interviewed i will be post more over the next few weeks so thank you for you input to this article.
Thanks for Reading and supporting my blog.  

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