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The Rantings of a Mind… Who Do You THINK You Are?

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

catlionSometimes you have to lose your mind to come to your senses…


There is so much truth to this statement when you truly allow it to be something that tells you something beyond what your mind will tell you.


Let me take you some place deep for a moment…  The relationship you have with yourself commands that you pay attention to the deeper places within you to see what your love has to tell you and wants to give to you inside of you.


If you are in a relationship with someone you love deeply..  Did you realize that they seldom look into your eyes to see the impact of the love you give to them.  We have made it a common practice to seldom even allow this into a thought process.  We make it something outside of us and miss the truth.


Can your love see the impact of how you love from your eyes in all moments?

Can your love feel the radiant energy of your being no matter if they are with you or not?


Something has come to me, I think of her and I know she can feel me thinking of her, how I want to look into her eyes and how all I can do is see myself looking into her eyes and her looking back.  Why does this not resonate as powerful as it should when it comes to being in love with another.  How deeply you can see in this way will invoke a place inside you that needs your utmost attention.


You can tell how much a man is loved by the look in his eyes, and how deeply he loves will come out in his actions…. Is this not a fact?


You like things explained do you?  Well here I am telling you something that will need very little explanation.


I know more than you think, and you think more than you know… then gravitate to the knowing….   Did you feel that? Did that resonate with you?


Are you happy?


Do you know the total place of happiness without looking for something that isn’t there?  True happiness comes from a connection inside yourself that you can share with another not make another responsible for it?


Here…. go to a place inside yourself and your wondering what you should be doing inside your life at this moment..  You see yourself and don’t see anything coming.. You see yourself standing there.  Do you see your mind is saying you should be doing something and you are saying like what?  Yet, the image of what you see in your mind speaks for itself.  It is telling you to focus your energy on you.  Still scratching your head?  Well the mind wants this to, it has to sink itself into problems or protection, yet, you don’t truly have any problems, and protection from what?  For you have you to place inside of that same question, to realize you are no more a problem than you are a place that is lost.  You are space, but your space has the ability to generate love, beyond love without any help from the mind.


Inside you there is no question you can’t ask that you don’t already sense the answer to, remember the first statement, you have to lose your mind to come to your senses.


You can live a whole lifetime and never be awake to embrace those senses.


If you feel something is not connected to you, this is the first place of connection without you that you can connect to.  You will not need your thought process.


So what questions do you have?


Do you ever practice everything you do?  It can be walking, talking, eating, sleeping? do you understand the place I am saying that keeps you from ever experiencing yourself.


Are you afraid of what is inside you?  Do you see the place inside that seems dark, alone, or empty, do you realize you have a choice to fill it with something magical, something unimaginable, something permanent.


Ever have times when you don’t like yourself very much… do you realize you are criticizing yourself in thoughts, you are not what you THINK you are.


The mind is a reflects organ it reacts to everything you do and everything you experience.


How do you take out the trash in your mind?  What have you experienced lately that caused this in you to do the very thing that is keeping you from yourself?


How much time do you truly need to be out of your mind?  be out of what you are thinking?


There’s never nothing going on….  The trash is the space that is keeping you from the one thing you are truly in any given moment.  The answer I can point to and it is the only truth you will ever find… that is the present moment. Is this not a fact?


Ever wondered how a thought process can participate in awakening here it is….  :)  Love deeply friends and awaken to the present moment it is all you ever have!



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