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The PS4 is Being Bought by Former Xbox 360 Owners and New Gamers, Says Sony

Posted on the 13 June 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
The PS4 is being bought by former Xbox 360 owners and new gamers, says Sony
Sony has revealed an interesting tidbit about the PS4 indicating the PlayStation brand has managed to attract a significant number of new consumers.  
31% of PS4 owners who had a console last generation didn’t have a PS3, according to SCEA marketing boss John Koller.
Speaking to Kotaku, Koller said this group owned Xbox 360 or Wii consoles instead.  The figure is in addition to the 17% of PS4 owners who didn’t have a console last generation at all, according to the study Koller cited.
In addition to hardcore gamers who you’d expect to pick up a PS4 come hell or high water, Koller said Sony has been interested to see other kinds of gamers getting on board.
“We’re starting to see a lot more of what we thought were going to be adopters later down the cycle coming in really early,” he said.

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