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The Price of Fame : Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

By Khaddu @LilMPerfect

So finally Aishwarya Rai is a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, huh ?  :) Really ?
I think Aish-Abhi s family planning ( or not )  was hotter topic in apna gossip hungry desh than cricket , politics and baaju wali Sharma Aunty ki beti ka chakkar with their driver !! As soon as India‘s darling first bahu and beta tied the knot (in all the secrecy) , tabloids were flooded with the rumored pregnancy and other gharelu mamley !!  I of course was not one to be left behind :P . I used to have endless discussions with my girlfriends , not about the exams coming up but : “ Yaar , kya hai she ll be dancing only kya that too with Akshay Kumar now [ Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se laga .. I <3 that song].. When will she have kidddssss … abh nai toh kab …when she is 50?? ” !! I remember I was in my hostel when  my friend  called me up in the middle of the night to tell me … “Confirmed news Khad … Ash is pregnant , Amitabh confirmed it on twitter” !! Yes, neend sab bhhol ke I logged into twitter to confirm the same :P . [Oh, so everything is alright with Abhishek  :P :P :P ] .
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