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The Presence of Ads on the Page Wikipedia Signs Your Computer Could Be Hit by Malware

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

The presence of ads on the page Wikipedia Signs Your Computer Could Be Hit by Malware We are sure you would never use Wikipedia to find the site full of information from various fields. But if you use the site Wikipedia a few days back and found there was a bar advertising on the web page, your computer may be infected with certain types of malware. Through his official blog today Wikipedia wrote that they did not insert ads on the pages of the article belongs to them, and therefore open the lines of the Wikipedia periodic donations to the reader in order to fund the site. They say if you (users) find the presence of advertising on our articles page, your computer could be infected with malware. Wikipedia mentions some of the browser extension may be the main mastermind behind this problem.Simple party recommends the user to perform extension checks if the browser and remove suspicious.They also recommend to disable the add-in to find out which sources are showing these ads, though they recognize that doing so will not remove the malware simply because the malware will continue to penetrate into your operating system. So if you see any ads on Wikipedia pages, the best solution is that you check your computer. Wikipedia claims that they present to disperse knowledge to everyone on this planet is free of advertising, forever. source regards, hpmurah2u

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