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The Pleasures of Reading, and the Modern World- How Reading and Books Change Under the Influence of Technology.

Posted on the 18 November 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

Today, I was astonished at my own foolishness when my friend told me about making a logo and having some natural scenery as the background. My next question was “how many print-outs do you need?” Then, I realized that he was talking about using pens and paper, while on the other hand, I was thinking of a Photoshop window open, and my mouse dragging a background in the picture.It is almost as if, we just believe that everyday activities are, in some way or the other, related to technology. I find it amazing that when I hear somebody saying anything about reading a book, I remember a kindle! I have already written if this dependence of ours is problematic, and now, I’m going to write on books, and how developments of the modern day are affecting the very much familiar process of reading.Books have always been an important part of my life. I have always loved books, though my mom does complain of my reading habit being poor. I think we, at least some of us, have a special affection for books. Isn’t it just amazing when you go into a library and take a deep breath, when the musty smell of books enters your nostrils, and that wonderful feeling to just touch the pages of those almost yellow-with-use books! Maybe the next generation will not have that delightful moment ever again. Trips to the libraries are no more- it’s just download e-books now. Whatever may come, book lovers will always be what they are- book lovers.  Not e-book lovers. I’m not, in any way, suggesting that we should ignore the developments in technology and go back to the old times, but as I said, we should not completely depend on it- after all, nothing is foolproof.When it comes to technology and its impact on books, e-books are an acceptable form.  The problematic form is, of course movies. Movies are a good way for entertainment, they provide us joy and pleasure, but, it should never, ever replace books as never failing friends. Any child now would prefer to watch the movie, instead of reading the book. Well, it is true that watching is really easier than reading, but watching doesn’t use the brain at all, except to accept what is projected on the screen. But a book, on the other hand, makes us wonder, create new worlds, and truly, uses our imagination. Without books, children would be less and less like children, and more like robots. Frankly speaking, I felt MUCH better reading Harry Potter, than watching it. What I did was, I first read the book, and then watched the movie. Also, it is not always true that makers of the movie can bring out exactly what the author meant.  Summing up, my advices to all you people out there would be that read books, and then, if you wish, see the movies. After a single time, you will understand, truly, the meaning of ‘pleasures of reading’.

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