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the Personal Law Proposals Are Coming out of the Woodwork

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The fighting in the government has gotten so bad, and it looks very much like we will soon be headed to new elections, that all the personal laws are coming out of the woodwork and gathering steam to be proposed to try to prevent all the disliked people from running.
MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) announced earlier today that he is bring to Knesset (on Wednesday) the law proposal to ban anyone indicted for crimes from running for Prime Minister. Normally such a proposal from the Opposition would be easily defeated, but with Gantz and Netanyahu fighting over the budget (with Netanyahu refusing to adhere to the agreement he signed and Gantz refusing to give in to Netanyahu's insistence), it is anybody's guess what will happen. Not only is this a proposal against Netanyahu, but it is also "against" Gantz. It will put Gantz in a very tough position when he has to decide whether to support it or not. Supporting and passing it means Netanyahu cant topple the government or else he wont be able to run for Prime Minister again, but it also would put Gantz in direct conflict with Netanyahu at a much higher level. 
With this law proposal, Lapid is both attacking Netanyahu and putting Gantz into a very tight corner.
The Likud is now countering with the possibility of proposing a law that would require anyone to potentially be appointed to the position of minister in a government to have passed full matriculation exams (ie bagrut), and anyone running for Prime Minister must hold at least a first degree from university. Obviously they don't want to exclude their Haredi partners form being able to be a part of a future government led by the Likud so they also added that such candidates must have the bagrut/degree or hold equivalent rabbinical education.
This is directly againbst Lapid who famously never finished his bagrut. If this passes, and it would also put Gantz into a tight spot deciding whether or not to support it, the only person, currently, it would seemingly disqualify is Yair Lapid (though I don't know about the Arab MKs, nor do I know how they will define equivalent rabbinical education and if every [non bagrut/degree holding] SHAS and UTJ MK/Minister would qualify or not).
Funnily enough, while proposing this idea, the Likud blasted Lapid for manipulating the will of the voter and taking away the right of the people to vote for whom they want - while they are trying to also ban someone from running even though some voters want to vote for Lapid.
Looks like we are inf or a lively summer...
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