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The Perks of Cat Ownership…Ohhh, There Are Many

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

The Perks of Cat Ownership…Ohhh, There Are ManyPet owners tend to be rather protective of their little compatriots. The reasons for this extend beyond the simple fact that vets are insanely expensive.

If you own a pet, chances are pretty good that you are an animal lover, and for you, a dog, cat, mouse, lizard or whichever beast you prefer is an investment in your health and happiness.

We get so much for free from our pets: love, affection and a sense of purpose. These are things we can’t always count on our human friends to provide, but with a pet they are never absent.

Pets have also have character traits we can learn from, including loyalty, forgiveness and compassion. Every day spent caring for a pet and enjoying their company is a day well spent, a day that is sure to produce some valuable life lesson to carry far into the future, even after that pet is no longer with us. Pets connect us to our deepest roots: for as long as there have been people they have had pets to defend their bodies and nurture their spirits.

What Makes Cats So Special

Although cats are often portrayed as hard-hearted, in reality they embody loving qualities perhaps more than any other type of pet. All cat owners know the perks of cat ownership and will testify that a cat should be a welcome addition to any home. Since we love our cats so much, it is only right that we treat them well, just as they treat us. To that end, the first thing a good cat owner should do with any new cat is to investigate which type of cat treats and food their cat likes the best. The latter is especially important because food is where cats get the nutrients they need to stay healthy, fit and strong.

There is much debate in the cat community over whether dry or canned (also known as “wet”) food is better for cats. The prevailing opinion often tends to side with canned food, but there are many benefits to dry cat food that owners should be aware of before making a final decision. These include the following:

·   Dry food is more cost-effective. Because it can be purchased in large quantities and can be preserved after opening (unlike wet food, which quickly goes bad after being opened), dry food often saves the owner a considerable amount.

·   Dry food is more convenient. It can be left in a bowl all day for the cat to munch on as he pleases (some cats are self-conscious about eating in front of people).

The best dry cat food is equally as healthy as any wet food. The owner just needs to make sure the right type of food is purchased for their cat.

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