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The Perfectly Preserved Pooches Of Castle Bitov

By Gerard @presurfer
The Perfectly Preserved Pooches Of Castle Bitov
They can sit and stay - and are excellent at playing dead - but this room full of obedient dogs will never go walkies again. The odd-ball collection of 51 stuffed dogs is the star attraction at the picturesque Castle Bitov in the Czech Republic. The castle's last owner, the eccentric Baron Georg Haas, was an animal lover.
His favourite style of four-legged friend was the humble canine, and he eventually had more than 200 in the castle grounds. When the playful pets passed away, the baron buried the majority of them. But, for a select few, the baron had loftier plans - and the handiwork of the local taxidermist is still being enjoyed today.
(via Nag on the Lake)The Presurfer

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