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The Perfect Date Game (TPDG) Offers Fun and Unique Opportunity for Couples and Singles to Build Connections and Grow Closer

By Martin Gergov

Challenging circumstances offer people unique opportunities to thrive, change their lives, and make the world a better place. Leading up to and in the midst of the global pandemic, S. Angel, creator of The Perfect Date Game, trademarked as TPDG, faced uncertainty and turmoil. In just a few short weeks, she experienced a layoff and her romantic relationship fizzled. Instead of giving up, S. Angel picked herself up and created something to bring joy to other people, designing the idea behind the first luxury game for couples and singles to connect on a deeper level.

After overcoming so much, S. Angel is excited to share this fun, eye-opening game created by a Black-owned business with people everywhere just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The idea behind The Perfect Date Game came to S. Angel as she navigated her own dating experiences.

She, like most people, wanted so badly to build deep, meaningful connections with the people she dated but met roadblocks along the way. On January 2, 2020, after taking inventory of her life and assessing the situation, S. Angel considered what kinds of things she would want to know about a partner – red flags, their story, good, bad, and ugly, what makes them smile and what makes them tick and turned those questions into a game.

The perfect date game

Once she flushed out the idea, S. Angel introduced a prototype to family and friends, including her son, and everyone confirmed that she was on the right track and had a knockout idea. Not only that but when S. Angel took to the internet to search for similar games, she found that none of the games already on the market were a perfect fit. Thus, she recognized a need for The Perfect Dating Game and started bringing it to life.

Of course, S. Angel faced some challenges making The Perfect Date Game a reality

As she was building the game, the COVID-19 pandemic began, and S. Angel contracted the virus. She fought through the virus, staying strong for herself and her son.


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“As a single mom with no family in my state, I was determined not to go to the emergency room or leave my son,” says S. Angel. “I wasn’t going to let COVID-19 take me out without a fight.”

So, S. Angel fought, all the while developing her game. When S. Angel emerged on the other side of her battle with COVID-19, she brought a fully developed and ready for market version of The Perfect Date Game with her. Now, she is excited to share it with couples and singles to help them grow closer and light and reignite their spark.

“COVID-19 almost took me out, but not only did I survive it, I created my first business,” says S. Angel, the game’s creator. “Let’s make dating fun again and add some positivity to the world. Backed by science and high levels of player satisfaction, The Perfect Date Game is well worth trying.”

When thinking about their perfect date, most people imagine an intimate experience with someone they care about!

Part of what makes a first date so special is the mystery and the potential for discovery of the other person. When people have been in relationships or friendships for a long time, over time, that desire to continue to uncover mysteries about their partner fades. Put differently, the spark fades.

USA dating game

For this reason, TPDG is the perfect game (literally The Perfect Date Game) for all couples and relationships, new and old. People are multi-faceted, special, and change all the time, meaning that even if the same couple plays the game at different points in time, their answers might be a little different because they are a little different. The Perfect Date Game is one that couples, families, and friends will reach for time and time again to learn something new about the people they love most while taking advantage of a unique and fun opportunity to share information about themselves.

The Perfect Date Game is based on and inspired by scientific research and studies on human behavior and connection, offering a therapeutic and cathartic experience for players.

A major disadvantage of today’s fast-paced, highly technology-based society is that communication suffers. While it is true that people can communicate more quickly than ever before, many of these interactions are not in person and lack intimacy. It is difficult to truly get to know someone over text. The Perfect Date Game allows couples, friends, and family to open up to each other, make memories, and have an amazing time while doing so.

The Perfect Date Game is sold online but will soon be found on the shelves of many extremely popular stores, such as Target. True to what S. Angel said of her game taking off, “I know this is just the beginning.” To learn more about this amazing game that was born out of pure grit and tenacity with the goal of bringing people together, please visit The Perfect Date Game website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Channel.

About The Perfect Date Game, LLC and S. Angel

TPDG was created by The Perfect Date Game, LLC, and is a luxury game specially designed to bring couples, friends, and family closer together. The Perfect Date Game was created by Scottsdale resident S. Angel, who created this special game while overcoming relationship, job, and health struggles. Her resiliency and vision have resulted in an amazing game that gives people the opportunity to make true connections.

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