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The Opposite of a DGU - Criminal Brandishing

Posted on the 09 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
 The Maumelle Monitor, which is in Arkansas, reports.
Vivzier said when she was able to exit the freeway and pulled into the Morgan Shell station at 20515 Arkansas Highway 365 the woman’s vehicle “pulled up next to hers and a heavy set, black female in her mid-30s pulled out a silver handgun and showed it to her.”
The weapon was never pointed at her, police said.

When certain gun rights advocates were adding up all the DGUs, and coming up with 2.5 million, I think a couple things were not taken into consideration.
1. many reported defensive uses of a gun are actually not defensive at all.
2. to offset the truly defensive uses, we have the ones illustrated by today's story in which a presumably lawful gun owner flashes the piece in a criminal way and gets away with it.
What's your opinion? Are these cases so rare we don't need to worry about them?
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