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The Nomad Hotel, Manhattan, NY

By Jaclynsindia @siennacharles

I met Andrew Zobler a few weeks ago to get a personal tour of the hotel on a rainy, miserable day. I went an hour prior to have a tea in the Library and relax for a bit catching up on some e-mails. The entrance is surely reminiscent of the Costes Hotel in Paris, but the comparisons although both designed by Jacques Garcia, stop there. The lobby filled with a smattering of different types of people was busy and the staff was eager to help. I sat, enjoying my tea on the rainy day while the many other areas of relaxation in the hotel were bustling as well. The atmosphere was just as a hotel should be, that only few in NYC still are- relaxing, adaptive places to really unwind with spaces that accommodate whatever mood you are feeling whether it be solidarity or a buzzing bar.

The Nomad Hotel, Manhattan, NY

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