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The No1 Step to a Successful Marriage, Family, Business, Day#4

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

The No1 step to a successful marriage, family, business…..

Almost everything in life is a process, from health to marriage. There is a basic principle, and I believe it is also a Godly principle: What you feed grows and what you starves dies. This principle is easy to understand even if we look at our health, if we want to lose weight, we need to eat less and to start to exercise more in order to rebuild our body and health. This principle is the same in marriage and family life, if we feed, invest in our marriage it WILL grow and if you spend more time with your family and children you will grow your relationship with them.

The No1 step.

But I truly believe that there is a first step, and an very important step, the Bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” So if we want a successful marriage, family, business, career etc, the step we need to take is to move closer to God and seek His Kingdom and not the worlds. But what does this look like, how do we actually start to seek His Kingdom?

I believe that in the decision to seek the Kingdom of God the first step is Prayer. In order for us to come closer to our wives and husbands we need to start to get closer to God, and we do that through prayer.

One of the first questions we ask the couples we coach is: how much do you pray together? and how much to you pray for your marriage and family? And I think that you will not be surprised when I tell you that when you are in a place where you feel your marriage is not the best you tend to forget to use the one of most powerful weapon given to us: PRAYER. Where we honest come before God and also open up our heart for Him to speak, strengthen and encourage us!

I just want to encourage you, wherever you are in your marriage and family life, start seeking the kingdom of God, and ask Him to show you how to become a better husband/wife, and speak/pray blessings over your marriage and family.

Remember to speak/pray the same blessings and victory over broken and wounded marriages and families around you, prayer will always make a difference!


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