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The Night of the Moths by Riccardo Bruni

By Pamelascott

Alice was a hopeful young graduate student when, on a beautiful August night, her body was found in the woods. She'll always remember the night she was murdered. And she still suffers the grief and rage that destroyed her family.

But what Alice regrets most is the last fight she had with her boyfriend, Enrico-and the fact that she never had the chance to tell him something that would have changed everything.

A decade later, Enrico has returned to the provincial town where Alice lived and died, to sell his family home. All he wants is to forget. But then, among the things he left behind, he finds an old cell phone...and unread texts sent from Alice's phone.

Now, her terrible secrets are about to swallow up everyone she knew, loved, and trusted. For Enrico, discovering them is his only chance to put his lost love-and the demons of his past-to rest.


[They say strange things about moths. About how they sometimes enter houses. Superstitions, popular beliefs. But there are a few people left, these days, who are familiar with them. So no one thought much about those moths dancing in the woods the night the body was found]


(AmazonCrossing, ebook, 1 December 2017, Kindle First)



This is my first time reading the author.

I enjoyed The Night of the Moths. The book is a good thriller with elements of mystery and suspense.

I liked the mystery elements and how the book moves between the present and Anna's murder ten years before, gradually revealing the truth about what happened to her. This creates a lot of suspense.

There are some chapters narrated by Anna, presumably by her ghost. This is an interesting idea but doesn't work at all. These chapters just come across as clumsy and awkward. These chapters are sparse and this is probably why they didn't work. If there had been more chapters narrated by her it might have worked better.

The Night of the Moths has good use of unreliable narration. This is done very subtly simply by gradually revealing who really killed Anna ten years ago. This was an unexpected twist that hadn't even been hinted at.

The significance of the moths mentioned in the title of the book and by Anna when she talks about the night she died and the moths that circled her body is not made clear. I think this element could have been handled better.

Night Moths Riccardo Bruni

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