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The Night Of, Real Housewive of NJ and Odd Mom Out

Posted on the 16 August 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Trivia Answer: Only 4 people knew that THE GATE was the magazine on Suddenly Susan. 

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Nicole Zittman, Dani Jackel & Monica Caraffa
THE NUMBERS Friday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics-NBC 6.4/24.0
Shark Tank-ABC .7/3.1
20/20-ABC .7/3.3
What Would You Do-ABC .6/2.6
Hawaii Five-0-CBS .5/3.5

Friday's Cable Top 5
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.6
Summer Olympics-NBC Sports-NBC .5/1.5
Bring It-Lifetime .5/1.1
Rap Game-Lifetime .4/1.0
Girl Meets World-.4/2.0

Friday's Social Media Top 5
Girl Meets World-Disney 25,000 Interactions
Hannity Special-FOX News 22,000 Interactions
Bring It-Lifetime 19,000 Interactions
The Rap Game-Lifetime 12,000 Interactions
The Great British Baking Show-PBS 7,000 Interactions

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
Summer Olympics-NBC 7.8/26.5
Big Brother-CBS 1.8/1.1
$100,000 Pyramid-ABC .9/4.4
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC .8/4.0
Match Game-ABC .8/3.5

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Social Media Top 5
Power-Starz 462,000 Interactions
Big Brother-CBS 309,000 
Basketball Wives LA-VH1 47,000 Interactions
The Night Of-HBO 33,000 Interactions
Real Housewives of NJ-Bravo 25,000 Interactions
THE SHOWS The Night Of
I really wish we knew how much time has elapsed. Just a few words on the screen would be very helpful. Naz's Mom and Dad have both lost their jobs and have had to resort to cleaning floors and delivering food. Naz has completely changed in the 5 weeks that I've been watching, but I don't know if it's TV 5 weeks or TV 6 months. He's got huge arms and he's starting to get a 6 pack. He's settling in to prison life pretty well. Almost too well. If ya think about it, prison doesn't seem THAT bad. Naz watches TV, smokes crack, receives brand new pressed shirts, gets tattooed, makes free phone calls and gets 3 meals a day. Sure, he could get his throat slashed in the shower and can't go see Sausage Party, but there's a down side to every situation, isn't there? We didn't get to actually see the jury selection process but the trial has started and Helen's voice is really...REALLY annoying. We learned that Naz had to change high schools because he pushed a kid down the stairs. So again, another secret revealed but is he a killer? We also now have 2 more suspects who could have killed Andrea. The stepfather dude who slept with Robin Wright in House of Cards and Elvis's great-grand daughter in The Girlfriend Experience and the super creepy funeral home dude. So as Naz's lawyer told the jury...the burden of proof is on Helen. Helen's got a lot, but does she have enough to put Naz away forever? I guess we'll find out in the next 3 episodes. BIG NEWS...BIG...Jack's foot rot has miraculously disappeared. Sure he spent $300 bucks on some herbs from some Asian guy, but whatever that guy sold him...WORKED! Of course that means his entire skin rotsupport group hates him now. Did you see their faces when he revealed his healed feet? Jealous mother-f'ers! What does the word support mean to these guys? They should have clapped or congratulated him!

Real Housewives of NJ

The entire Theresa/Jacqueline thing is absolutely ridiculous. The entire story line has to be completely scripted at this point. I know Jacqueline and Chris need money. Nobody I know is drinking black water and I'm telling you now, nobody's into those tiny popcorn kernels guys, so put that house on the market asap. Sell the house and get off the show because Jacqueline, you are coming off like a crazy person. Also...it's time to bag the leather pants. Chris seems so normal and yet, he seems to go along with his wife's insanity. Jacqueline knew she was going to start a fight with Theresa before she set one foot in the house. What a disaster and honestly, it made her look like an idiot. I'm sure the producers put her up to it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agreed with Theresa. I'd be furious if my "friend" called my brother to ask him about something he said 2 years ago. I wonder if Joe knew the call was coming before hand. Over in my town, Siggy Flicker's daughter got detention, they ate at my diner, talked about my Dunkin Donuts and drove all around my streets. I've never seen or heard Siggy around town. Trust me when I tell you, I don't travel anywhere near her circle I don't think I could handle it, even if I could afford it. Melissa's kids walked in Fashion Week. Not sure how something like that actually goes down unless Bravo pulled some strings, but they did look very cute. 
Odd Mom Out
Last nights episode of Odd Mom Out was pee-in-your-pants funny. Lex's man-bun's gone and it really makes everything right in the world for me. I like them and their story line now that they're bunless. I don't know if Jill's living in my desk drawer or something, but just last week couldn't remember my work phone number, just like Vanessa! That being said...it's still all about Andy and Jill for me. From the dance party that ended with Jill's broken FU finger, to the laugh-out-loud-for-real dinner-in-the-dark scene to the naked doorman photo shoot, to Andy's bizarro light mask. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. I know there are a ton of crazy restaurants in NYC, is dinner-in-the dark really a thing? OMG I was dying watching Andy trying to eat his dinner. Also...shout out to the Invisalign product integration. Perfectly executed! I freaking love OMO...you should too. 

-Larry Wilmore's Nightly Show on Comedy Central's the first late night show to get the ax. Larry's saying in the press that it's a black thing. Pretty sure it's just a ratings thing. Nobody's watching, nobody's tweeting, nothing's going viral. These days it's all about retweets and views Larry. Just go to YouTube and type in Fallon, Corden and Kimmel...you'll see what I'm talking about. Sorry it didn't work out. Chris Hardwick's fillin in with @Midnight in the mean time. Will they need to change the title to @11:30? Could be confusing for stoners if they don't.

-My son and I are in the middle of Season 1 of Last Chance U on Netflix. We are loving it. Good news for us...Netflix is giving us a 2nd season. If you were a Friday Night Lights fan, you'd love this docuseries. It's about a real community college in Mississippi with the number one football team in the country. These kids have compelling stories and it's football that they and their community cling on to.
-Scandal's going to premiere on election night. I get it, we'll find out who will take Fitz's place in DC just as we are finding out who will take Obama's place but I'm thinking that real life election coverage might just pre-empt fake Scandal election coverage, no?
Tuesday's Trivia Question: Gotta ask a Friday Night Lights trivia question. Name the A-Hole that came into town with all the money and got Coach Taylor ousted from the Panthers. Name his son for bonus points.
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