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The New Woman; Body Augmentation and Beauty Trends

Posted on the 02 March 2017 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest

The New Woman; Body Augmentation and Beauty TrendsI can openly admit that I have flirted with the idea of having a nip here and a tuck there when it comes to my body. There is always something that I feel could be added or taken away that would make me look like a better me. However, this is only whenever I look at some other woman that has had some successful work done. When I compare myself to the average woman in the looks department I can honestly say that I could be a strong '6,' with regards to face alone. Then I have to think to myself, what constitutes a 1 or a 10? I have seen women that I would classify as a 10 and guys I know would beg to differ. I guess it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
As of 2017, it seems to be the norm to go get some cosmetic surgery done and ultimately take selfies in the gym like it was what nature and hard work created (maybe the hard work of Dr. Miami). I personally would like to think that getting 'work' done to your body is like cheating your way through college, getting that coveted employment position, only to realize that you know absolutely nothing. While it looks good (sometimes), I have to speculate whether or not it is even worth it. To use examples of it being worth it and not-so-hot results, I obviously must turn to Nicki Minaj, Miss Nikki Baby, and Khloe Kardashian. Nicki has the most coveted body amongst young women these days. The big hair, small waist, breasts up to your collar bone, and overly accentuated and inflated looking ass, is the look that mThe New Woman; Body Augmentation and Beauty Trendsost females, that can afford to do so, has adopted for themselves. This look, however, IS A TREND! The literal walking 'hourglass figure' look is in my opinion, a trend. Much like the nude mesh gowns, deep contoured faces, and men's skinny jeans, it too shall pass. Now the question comes to mind, 'what happens when the trend passes?' What about when you're just too old to look like an inflatable sex doll? Or, what happens when you can no longer maintain the look?  Lets just be honest, lets just be real, this look must be maintained. It isn't something one has done and then goes on with the rest of their lives.
I personally don't think this is the route that I'd take. Maybe a breast lift here, or hair removal there, but this look doesn't seem to be very flattering for the most part. What do y'all think?
The New Woman; Body Augmentation and Beauty Trends

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