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The New Orleans Saints Shouldn't Think Twice: Pay Drew Brees What He Wants

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

The New Orleans Saints Shouldn't Think Twice: Pay Drew Brees What He Wants


- Troy Ballard 

The majority of the NFL's free agency headlines have been dominated by the possibility of Peyton Manning finding a new home, but some are forgetting that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is also a free agent this season.
Realistically, there is almost no chance that Brees will leave New Orleans, or at least the Saints won't let him. Worst case scenario is that Brees is hit with the franchise tag, and the team retains him for at least one more season.
As of this moment, the Saints and Brees are trying to reach a happy medium on a long-term contract. The Saints have until March 5, which is the deadline to franchise a given player, and this will be the likely outcome if contract negotiations breakdown with Brees.
The question really is -- why would the Saints not give the team's star player the money he wants?
According to reports, Brees and the Saints are still way off base on contract negotiations, presumably because the reigning Offensive Player of The Year is asking New Orleans more than what they were expecting to pay. Experts have stated that Brees deserves a Manning-esque contract, somewhere in the $100 million range.
That's a little rich for our blood, and it may be for the Saints too, which still have to resign several other big name free agents. The likes of Marques Colston, Carl Nicks, Robert Meachem, and Tracy Porter are all standing to leave via free agency if they don't receive desirable contract offers, and each player would be a massive loss to the team.
At the end of last season, rumors were that the Saints would tag either Nicks or Colston to keep them in New Orleans. Now, with Brees not locked into a deal, the Saints may not get the chance to secure either of those two players, both who are major pieces in the offense.
Of course, we don't know exact numbers, but the Saints shouldn't be hesitating to give Brees his major pay-day. New Orleans was carried by Brees on a Super Bowl run, he has turned the team into a consistent playoff contender, embodies the heart and soul of the Saints, is a representative of the NFL off the field, and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.
Brees totally turned around the Saints' organization, and went as far as to revitalize an entire city that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The idea of not giving him the money starts to look kind of crazy when put in perspective.
Not only does New Orleans lose the chance to use a franchise tag on Nicks or Colston, but the team is showing a weak commitment to a leader in Brees if contract negotiations fail. The Saints can't afford to lose the massive amount of momentum they have built up over the past three-seasons, and the team is on the brink of busting back into the Super Bowl.
New Orleans may be showing restraint in handing Brees a large contract extension, but it is totally unwarranted after what he has accomplished for the organization. The Saints are flirting with keeping Brees for one more season with a franchise tag, and beyond that, anything could happen if the team doesn't lock him long-term.
New Orleans, Brees is a future Hall of Famer, show him the cash. You won't regret it.
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