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The New Moon in Scorpio on 15th November – Making A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow's Ear

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
The New Moon in Scorpio on 15th November – Making A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow's Ear

Hello everyone. It's a really busy time astrologically and the next act in the changing times that we are experiencing comes with the Scorpio New Moon tomorrow. Scorpio season is the most polarising one of all, as the battle for survival comes to a conclusion. For any Scorpio, their biggest fear is just this, survival, and any Scorpio will do literally anything to preserve what they have, and for it not to die. Paradoxically, change and rebirth is what any Scorpio absolutely needs, and as fixed and stubborn as they are, without transformation and change they would remain stuck permanently in the past. Scorpio is a water sign too, and so all Scorpios feel this fear deep in their soul, and it creates extreme worry and anxiety. Being a sign of strength though, they will never betray these feelings to anyone except their closest partners, and that is never a given anyway, lest it be a sign of weakness. That would never do for a Scorpio.

The New Moon in Scorpio on 15th November – Making A Silk Purse Out Of A Sow's Ear

So we have a new beginning of a cycle at a critical time when the issues of life and death are at a premium. Think about it. There is a real opportunity to grab here, as anything started now may be a transformation of an idea that would not normally survive in normal times. You know it's time to reinvent something make it stronger and more robust, so that it can survive the extremes of the winter to come. Creating a new start out of moment of weakness or failure. Or as the old saying goes, "Making a silk purse from a sow's ear".

The New Moon occurs at 23 degrees Scorpio, sextile to Jupiter and Pluto, still in a close conjunction. Pluto transforms, and brings control and power into your hands and Jupiter brings belief, luck, and expansion. It's a very encouraging signature for anything that you want to set up and move on with. There is also a ruthless edge to this conjunction, and you will never get anywhere without confidence, belief in your own ability, and a sense of knowing when to cut out anything that will be detrimental to your aims and desires. That's why so many successful people have Jupiter/Pluto aspects. That sense of feeling in your gut what is right, when to take a risk, and when to expand out and go for it will be here in abundance. There is also a wide sextile to Saturn, and this brings realism, solidity and patience into the mix too.

Now also at the time of this New Moon, Venus will be making a square to Jupiter and Pluto too. There is tension here, and a sense of being a little complacent over your values, and in the relationships that you form now. Be careful who you associate with, and what say or influence that you give them within the process that you are following. Why? It's because these people may also be very controlling, and may in time manipulate you out of the very ideas that you are wanting to set up. You may be stoking up obsession, jealousy and extreme desire that will only be expanded and made much more potent as time ticks on. The square to Saturn may bring eventual disappointment too because of these potential pitfalls. If this eventually comes, then you will learn lessons the hard way, so avoid the traps which are being set, and don't let anyone control your agenda from the get-go.

This is a time of brilliant ideas and flashes of genius with Uranus and Mercury opposing each other, and anything technological or science based may see upgrades and new ways of improving on what we have presently. Of course not every fantastic idea works, but you have to be in the game in the first place to have success, so if you have an idea, write it down and act on it, and you never know, you may be onto something good. The channels will be open now to connect with others, to network, to make new friends, and to go in new directions. Oppositions are rarely totally positive, and yes you will be challenged to see things in a new light. Will you be open enough to accept that what others are telling you is correct. Will you remain in the past, or embrace the future? This fixed opposition will challenge your perceptions and force you to think once again.

I think this New Moon has enough elements in it to be a launchpad for rebuilding situations that may have been too weak to survive normally. You can reinvent and revive what occurs now, and with Mars newly direct and most of the other planets travelling forward too, there is momentum here to progress and have some staying power built in too. Be careful and be mindful of others poking their nose into your business, and then you will have a chance of making a real impact.

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