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the New Kosher Gym to Circumvent Corona Regulations

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
We have seen groups of people doing activities in various places during Corona find ways around the rules, such as having a minyan but calling it a protest for George Floyd, having a children's street fair and turning it into a protest, and the like.
We haven't seen, that I know of, anyone running a business or event that is technically against the rules but calling it a yeshiva to get around the rules...
Until now.
Yaron Cohen, owner of Crossfit Bet Shean, a gym in Bet Shean has decided that instead of closing his gym, as per the new regulations, he will bring in shiurei torah to the gym and then 19 people will be allowed at the same time, and they can workout while listening to the shiurei torah. And I assume the word listening nit he previous sentence should be in quotation marks...
Actually, they arent actually shiurei torah in the traditional sense, but as he writes on his Facebook page:
The Torah - Crossfit
The God - the God of physical fitness
The Faith - physical fitness contributes to physical and mental health and saves people from disease
Basically, they are going to teach Crossfit as if it is Torah - not "as if" - they are saying it is Torah, so they qualify under the rules.
To clarify, he says, he is not trying to insult anyone, he respects religion and has many religious people coming to train, but this is not against religion or Torah but against the decisions of the government. If someone wants to be insulted anyway, he says, that's his prerogative, as their gym was hurt by the State.
I think it is likely they might play some torah shiurim on the sound system just as an extra precaution
Who knows? Maybe someone will become religious or love Torah just a little more because of this...
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