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The New Gtld Discussion Moves to Reddit “nTLD Extensions Are Already Failing”

Posted on the 14 March 2017 by Worldwide @thedomains

The new gtld discussion moves to Reddit “nTLD extensions are already failing”

It looks like the new gtld discussion has moved to Reddit, in the sysadmin subreddit.

User netzvolk started things off:

For those of you that are not aware, the nTLD’s as opposed to the old good .com and others don’t have any limitations on price increases. This means you can register .networks today for $10 and the registry can decide to charge you $1000 next year.

Not only is this extremely risky for anyone that considers developing a new TLD but in some cases they are much worse than standard and traditional extensions because the registries decided to reserve all good names for their own use as premiums. And if you happen to own a premium one, they charge you more, so if .technology costs $30 a year for the public, if you have a premium one, it could be $500 a year just for you. How unfair is that?

The second you have to add 2 words to a new TLD it’s a far worse option than regular domains, examples: (shorter and more credible) (shorter and more credible)

Forget single or dictionary words, because they are all premiums. No wonder they are failing…nobody is going to keep an ugly longer + untrusted extension. Don’t even try to use email on them, most system admins I know, block all of them in their spam filters. ccTLD (country code) seems a far better option for most people today.

So next time your bill comes for domains in your company. Think again. Some may fail in the future and soon.

There are 165 comments so far which is a lot for a topic dealing with domain names.

Now there are some comments that expressed a fondness for .solutions and one member said they got a .rocks for their band.

The disinformation started with lines like enjoy the $10,000 renewal fee. Some believing that if the band gets big they will increase the renewal on what is obviously not a premium name.

Could they do that ? Yes, will they ? I doubt it, that would be a bad pr hit that would in my opinion sink a new gtld. But who knows it is the wild west thanks to ICANN not implementing price caps.

Another member had a take that I am sure Rick Schwartz would approved of.

I’ve always been hesitant to use nTLDs for any public-facing services. Reason being no-one’s used to them yet – you hand someone a business card with a www.namecensored.noiwontfixyouripad as the URL, and half the time they’ll get confused and put a .com after it and wonder what kind of idiot IT guy hands out cards with an email/website that doesn’t work. It’s the same idea behind recommending to clients they don’t register from 10 years ago – too confusing.

But I don’t mind using them for infrastructure. It’s difficult to get a memorable and short domain on .com that isn’t already taken (short because I’m likely to type it 1000 times a day). I’ll gladly spend (company money on) the $10/year to use public DNS and SSL (via LetsEncrypt), instead of having to argue with every decrepit piece of kit to trust a private CA and ignore the DHCP-issued DNS server.

You can check out the whole thread on Reddit

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