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the Naming of Military Deaths in Parliament - What's That All About?

Posted on the 07 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
the Naming of Military Deaths in Parliament - what's that all about?I've noticed this MORE AND MORE on Parliament TV, whenever a member of the Armed Forces dies in a foreign country fighting a Corporate War for their Global Taskmasters, both sides of The House (of Commons) make a point of opening their speeches by 'offering condolences' for the fallen.
I realize this is something Tony Blair brought in during his weekly Prime Minister's Questions at the time of the Iraq War but it seems far more Ritualistic that it needs to be. Is  there some sort of public Coded Message that 'we the people' aren't privy to?
Is there some special clause in so-called Dead Peasant Insurance of the members of our Armed Forces that means PAYOUT is only made iff each insuree's passing is reported to The House in this formalised manner?
And it's not just the naming of the war dead at PMQs, there are also the macabre naming of the names on War Memorials and other such Public Monuments. Why is it always THE NAMES that hold most import?
In the past, was it the job of the Town Crier to 'publicise' this list of the military dead so that reparations could be claimed by the countries who've paid into the insurance of such state assets?
For example: approximately 12,000 people die EACH WEEK in the UK. Let's say 50% of them will be National Insurance-paying citizens.
Are 6,000 people mentioned in Parliament each PMQ?
Are enormous monuments of death popping up all over the country for these missed and loved individuals who have passed on? 

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