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The Myth of Privacy and the Demon of Appearance!

By Psychicillumination @psychicdad

The rest of the world, with the advent of the internet, is finally coming to understand what psychics and mystics have know for centuries: privacy is a myth. 

One of the other most frustrating things we live with in Western Culture is the overwhelming domination of appearance. Everyone judges everything and everyone based on what they appear to be. Any writer, artist, politician, or skilled propagandist knows that appearances can be manipulated.

Far more can be sensed then can ever be seen. Even with the marvels of the human eye, our perception into the electromagnetic spectrum is tiny compared to what is actually going on.

The myth of privacy and the demon of appearance!

The diagram above illustrates how little of the electromagnetic spectrum we see with our eyes. And yet we are effected by the non-visible spectrum in profound ways. For example, there were massive crop failures across North American in the late 1700s that no one could explain, except as a act of God. Modern scientists have examined the tree rings from that time period and discovered that there was a larger than usual output of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun that caused those crop failures.

The visible appearance of events, objects, and people can be a handy reference, but is is not all inclusive of what is actually going on. Couple this disparity with the fact that people filter what they see through their background, education, experience, training and gender and you will realize we rarely get the whole picture.

Back to privacy for a moment: many psychics will tell you that privacy can be expected; that a psychic must have your ‘permission’ to scan you. Nothing could be further from the truth! Sorry to alarm you, but any skilled psychic can learn almost anything about you they want to know. Aren’t you glad there are very few skilled psychics?


There are blocking techniques that I call overlay, that can make it difficult to sense psychic data. But they are relatively sophisticated and cannot be maintained forever. However, before you disrepair about an intuitive broaching your privacy, keep in mind that no one else really has any either!

This means with a skilled psychic assisting you, you can learn almost anything about anyone you want to know! Before I get bombarded with ethical questions, let me just state that ethics for a psychic starts at whether they reveal what they know, not in perceiving it.

So, the question for you is: what do you want to know and are you ready to deal with what you learn? 

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