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The Most Fashionable and Stylish Headpieces for Women

By Clarissa17 @ClarissaSeaton
Latest accessories trends have acknowledged the emergence of fashion headpieces as an important part of a women’s wear during parties, formal or evening events, or whatever type of occasion it might be. There are many fashion headpieces that can be enjoyed by women today, from the simple wide-brimmed hat to the elaborately designed ones complete with laces and stone embellishments. Here are some of most popular fashion headpieces that can be enjoyed today:

FascinatorThe Most Fashionable and Stylish Headpieces for WomenFascinator is originally a crocheted or laced triangle used as a shawl placed around the shoulders. Today, hair fascinators are extravagant head adornment, and resemble a fancy cocktail hat. They can be attached to the head using a head band or hair clip. Fascinators are made from a combination of beads, feathers, and flowers; and are often worn during cocktail parties or even formal evening events.FedoraThe Most Fashionable and Stylish Headpieces for WomenVery popular as a headdress is the fedora, which possesses a soft brim. It has a shape that is changeable just by creasing and pinching it. According to the latest accessories trends, fedoras are on a comeback this 2012. For those who want to buy this type of headdress, the best choices are in colors of blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. A fedora is best worn in semi-formal events. HomburgsThe Most Fashionable and Stylish Headpieces for WomenHomburgs are meant to be worn in formal events and black tie invitations. The basic look of the homburg resembles that of the fedora. However, one cannot reshape its crown and brim. A homburg is an excellent headdress to go with suits.

Bowlers The Most Fashionable and Stylish Headpieces for WomenBowlers are popular in many states in the US, and very much loved as a headdress in the UK. A bowler is famous for its snug fit as well as its crown. Usually, this type of headdress is worn in most equestrienne events or with a daily suit.

Indeed, other accessories might come and go, but fashion headpieces are definitely here to stay. Whatever the time or season of the year it might be, there is a specific headdress that will perfectly match an individual’s unique personal taste.  Fashion headpieces are simply the best accessories to add to one’s already fascinating ensemble.Image Source: CorbisImages, Google Images

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